Thursday, 10 December 2009

First photos of my new born studio... Dec 10th 2009

How very exciting. My first ever post. So please excuse my first fumbly attempts.

This is above Trashy Flowers which is a fantastic Vintage retro and clothing warehouse on Burns St. The retail side is on Abington Square. The Burns St site is going to be the location of the Stitch and Make Studio in Northampton a positive hive of industrious stitching and making, wonderful workshops and loads of other activities which you can follow and also get involved in.

This space now has a stud wall across it with a door in. The rather fetching range of Euro-trash undies have now gone somewhere else and I have put a stud wall across with a door in it, well not me personally, a builder... who refused to wear the very tight dungarees and white vest I insisted were EU Safety directorate requirements. Anyway here, are some more pics.

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  1. It is going to be just awesome, the space is brilliant. Can't wait for it to be finished, sorry I haven't been to help paint, I shall get me pinny on and scrub the steps for you.