Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Linda Barker eat your eyes out!!!!

This is my invention of a knob to hang something from, which also doubles as an attractive photo (or not) I got the pictures from The Bicycle Basket Bazaar, the frames from Ikea and the ceramic knobs from the very amazing and wonderful Anthropologie. I have combined all elements together to produce and item worthy of selling on Regretsy. I'm very proud of myself.

So initially I wanted to create a very chic and professional atmosphere for first time visitors to the Stitch and make Studio. As the project progressed however my true "bag lady on acid" nature emerged and I reverted back to type.

Something Got Me Started..... I don't think that Mick was really singing about my wallpaper, but one late night I was on E-bay looking for old wallpaper with a tiny yellow flowered sprig on it, so I brought this instead! well sometimes it just happens like that. It truly is an optical paradise and looks like it's been drawn with oil pastels. I have moved on with my decorating plans since then and more posts will follow....

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