Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Morning After........

After the excitement of last night and 3 hours of washing up I decided to take a few pics and show you all where I'll be working from now on. I can't help having a small trace of envy in my voice. Monday morning's just can't come round quick enough. I have a range of workshops, just follow the link from my website and you too can immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere of this lovely space. This shot is my little boutique area where I will be selling my one-off pieces alongside jewellery from Mrs Gibson, who makes the most wonderful buttony bracelets. I'll also be doing a featured Seller of the Month which I'm very, very excited about. Watch this space...

This is the Knitting Lounge area. I tried to amalgamate that '70's feeling and Saturday afternoon at nan's house, World of Sport on the tele some quality wrestling and haslet sandwiches for tea. Just out of shot is a clock with no hands on. Time stands still when you're creating in Nan's Lounge. We're hoping to set up regular knitting meets and just right of the picture we have a bookshelf with wonderful magazines like Selvedge and Craft alongside some wonderful books for all to share.

The Pointy Kitties are coming... At Stitch and Bitch, which I run with my lovely assistant Miss A.P we had the Pointy Kitty competition(pattern available from most of the group made a cat in thier own inimitable style and we put on a catshow in the Fishmarket in Northampton, where I used to be based. We invited members of the public to vote for their favourite and the winner recieved an atrocious amount of tat from various charity shops. These are the remaining members of the gang who now watch over me as I pattern cut.

My lovely friend Lyndsey gave me this lavender scented candle in a vintage tea-cup as a pressie last night. It smells so gorgeous and looks so pretty I tried to compose a picture around it, although I'm not that accomplished with the camera. My good friend Ace from Deathhouse who does the most amazing and intricate papercutting cut me a card with the Stitch studio's logo on thefront. The little green guy in the corner is Eddie who I made when I was demonstrating a papier mache workshop.

This final shot is the T-shirt which went into Sew Hip magazine. We use this as our example for customising charity shop finds workshop as it shows a very simple but eye-catching technique. My daughter's wearing this T-shirt on my website. I usually do more of these in summer and try to do a range of hand painted and applique one's as well. These usually sell v. well. I try to incorporate snippets of vintage fabrics, applique and hand painting to make something truly unique and individual.


  1. It looks the business! I'm so impressed.

  2. Hi Abi, i found you! your place looks brilliant next time i'm over your way and hanging about a bit i'll try to find it.

    tried a bit of 'pegging out' this morn but now me undies are stiff as a board, maybe i should wait another month. x

  3. The only place for stiff undies is on the floor of a students bedsit!
    Have only just opened the studio, glad you approve. You could come and play for a day and we could do a skills swap if you like bring some mates, I'll provide the cake and tea.
    had a wonderful time at your workshop on Fri, thanks so much. Will finish v. soon and post pics on blog.X