Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday fabric Barrys Birmingham bargains....

Please don't serve the Bag Lady.

Today lovely Miss AP and I had a well earned day of fabric buying in Birmingham. Leon came with us (her wonderful fiance) to carry our bargains and supervised our road crossing, as we tend to get flustered when we see stalls of fabric at 50p a metre. We always go to Barrys which is on the Barford Road, just a few minutes walk from the rag market. The Rag Market is open on Tues, Fri and Saturday and fabrics and trims are as cheap as dirt. The Rag Market tends to close early in the afternoon so catch the train in the morning. For the three of us it's just seven pounds each.

The lovely ladies in Barry's weren't keen on me taking a photo as they're in the middle of having new shelving put in. I think it looks fabulous like this and although some of this fabric is quite old stock it feels like new because it's been moved around. As you can see from the pic some of the fabric is just a quid a metre and I bagged some beautiful floral chiffon in pinks and yellows.

At the till I blew the entire budget buy purchasing some amazing cotton satteen in 3 different colourways, very 1950's looking with carousels and hot air balloons on. Oh, how my heart sung as I parted with the money ! AP and Leon have been invited to show at Alternative Fashion Week at Spitafields in April (19th to 23rd)and we're sharing a stall, so I'm planning lots of yummy new dresses to sell. Can't wait to get cutting. I will put pics up of fabric in due course.


  1. I've never heard of Barry's Fabrics before...only been to the rag market. It sounds great:will definitely be taking a trip there!
    Good luck for Alternative Fashion week, sure you will do well.

  2. I usually want to cry when I see fabric for 50p a metre..I can't cope!

  3. Thanks for your comments, we usually combine a trip to Brum on a day when the rag market's there. You can usually come out with bags of fabric, sequins and trims and change from a twenty!!!whoopee.