Sunday, 7 March 2010

New Homes Needed...for orphaned primates.

On Saturday April 3rd and 10th from 10-12.30 We are running a Dad's and Lad's workshop. It's an alternative to football and McDonalds. We will show you how to make a cheeky monkey pal from an old pair of socks and the following week will be designing and stencilling T-shirts. This is going to be such fun!!!

It's not really exclusive to Dads and Lads but I thought that It would be a chance to do some "bonding" and get involved in an excellent activity at the same time. If you're a Grandparent you can come too. The cost for BOTH sessions is £35 for the pair. But we don't supply the T-shirt or the old socks! If you want your old man and kids out of the house so you can read the TV Quickie and stuff your face with Mint Viscounts, send them to me. I will do a discount for multiple siblings.

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