Sunday, 25 April 2010

Some work and Northampton events.

Some time back I make some pieces for the opening night of our Make It event, amongst which was this lady with a lobster on her head. I had some 1950's napkins which had pictures of food on them. I had in mind the Elsa Schiapperelli dress and her Surrealialist hats when I came up with this. I did a few textile pieces for the Sunday Art market which has started again on Northampton Market Square.This is a very affordable way to buy and sell art. A stall costs just a tenner, so if you just want to test the waters you're not going to be massively out of pocket. The next dates are May 2nd, 13th June, 4th July, August 1st. To book you need to go to the Sunday arts market website.

I spent a wonderful weekend with Angie Hughes last year at Compton Verney. This close up detail of a textile piece I produced took around ten hours and is built up of many layers of pattern paper, interfacing, woven silks and cottons. Each individual layer is built up using a variety of processes including print, embossing, hand and machine embroidery. The original is hanging on the wall in the studio.

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