Sunday, 28 August 2011

Photoshoot on the backfoot.

Its been an age since I last posted anything and I must make an effort to update more regularly. So much has happened since my last post. More of that later.

This week I had a visit from who used to be a photographer on our local paper The Chronicle and Echo. And he offered to photograph some of my clothes the next day. Fortunately , my lovely daughter Hermione has had lots of modelling experience and was only too happy to help out. This is my friend Sally Bells Blaise new space where she will be working, she's an amazing ideas person with a tap attached to a rainbow which pours out of her head.

It really was a rather slap-dash affair on my part as I was trying to finish a jacket an hour before and really didn't have an idea of what pieces were going to be photographed. Luckily it all looked lovely in the end and Im so very pleased with the results. Those earrings are by Julie Arkell and I brought them eons ago from a lovely shop called Hibiscus in Nupton. Julie Arkell is an incredible folk artist who works mainly in papier mache. These earrings were some of her early work and are made from plastic jewels and quality street wrappers.

I think this is my favourite, it reminds me of Frieda Khalo drifting around in Liberties. I love the rich colours and all the textures. The shawl was given to me and was just lying around the studio, I tore of a bit of silk which were old curtains and wound it around Hermione's head. The headpiece is one which Amelia made for a workshop. It seemed to match perfectly.

All in all Im very pleased with the results, we had an enjoyable time just playing around with ideas and stuff.

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  1. Yes, you MUST post more regularly!!! I am following after seeing the feature in Cloth magazine and I LOVE your work!! Gorgeous! Please feel free to open a workshop near Newcastle! Please also excuse the overuse of exclamation marks, it's what happens when I see beautiful fabrics etc. Looking forward to reading more. x