Thursday, 27 March 2014

Taking a respite from sewing clothes.

Snowdrops are blooming in the hedgerows, daffs are nodding on urban roundabouts and Im back in the studio. Still sporting fingerless gloves and wearing my coat all day, but Im here, focussed and putting in a days work. My workshops are filling up very, very slowly and if you know anyone who wants to make a kimono, learn to sew or make some French Knickers please direct them to my site where you can now book classes using Paypal. Hurrah!
Last week I spoke to the Stitch and Bitch group about having a little competition to make a "creature " of some variety using old textiles and found objects. Whilst doing my other work I became involved with making my own character who Ive named Raydene Flanagan.
She started off as a sketch on the back of an envelope and gradually developed from there. I didn't have that much of a plan, although I did make a paper pattern and knew I wanted to use domestic linens. I love hand sewing and free machine embroidery, so she has some funny little tats- mermaids and such. Im also re-connecting with crochet after many years and crocheted her top using 3 yarns twisted together. her skirt is made from silk tie fragments embroidered together and she has fragments of beads, buttons and tiny objects stitched to the hem of her skirt. I sort of came unstuck when it came to shoes so have just left that for now because Im allowed to.
I just stitched away and let the work develop. A rarity for me because Im often working with patterns and deadlines. Its very feeing to work in such a way, you never know what will emerge. She is strange though isn't she?

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