Saturday, 12 December 2009

Charity Shop Challenge.

In Sept 2008 two friends and myself challenged each other to not buy new clothing from the High St for a year. Actually, that's not so much of a challenge cos most of the stuff is badly made, totally unoriginal, boring and overpriced. We allowed ourselves to buy underwear and footwear new. We got some major bargains like a Vivienne Westwood coat for a tenner I customised stuff and sold other bits in my shop. We were featured in the local lifestyle magasine "Image" and I personally saved around £700 I only slipped up once when I slipped into a trance in TKMaxx nad left with a green cardi, but I confessed immediately and sold it to my mum. As for the challenge Sept 09 came and went and we still haven't returned to the High St.

Anyway, Ive got some pics of Charity shopping and hunting for the Gunness book of records.......enjoy.

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