Sunday, 21 March 2010

First Knit Meet.....thanks for your support.

On Saturday afternoon we held the first knit meet here at The Stitch and Make Studio. After Liz had rung everyone we had an impressive 15 people turn up. I was chuffed to bits. The atmosphere was wonderful as experienced knitters swapped techniques and helped the beginners, folks swapped tips and patterns. Other than make some cakes and put the urn on I just left them to it.

Anne Long is a lovely lady and she knits for her son James Long who is a menswear designer who is in his fifth season at London fashion week. He is currently in New York, having been sent by the Fashion Council alongside a group of very talented designers. Anne knits James's pieces and has recruited some of the ladies to help her. She is in the fledgling stages of having her own small studio on the floor below where she will be selling wool and knitting. I'm sure that this will be so popular if the feedback and enthusiasm on saturday is anything to go by.

My original idea for the studio was to provide a space which would be used to promote all aspects of "craft, creating, making and design" In the eight weeks since the studio has been opened it has been used for two fashion photoshoots, the stitch and bitch group, sewing workshops and a new knitting group. Next month I am having Dads and Lads starting and visits from Catmose College for workshops. If you would like to use the space or would like to get a group together for a visit and I can teach you something please get in touch. I'd love to help.

Customising Charity shop finds and next Knit Meet April 17th......These are both on the same day!!!! Thankfully I have a new sofa and plenty of space. The workshop runs all day from 10 till 4 and following a post on facebook we have only a few spaces left. Please get in touch if you would like to come along, this is a great day where you will learn loads of techniques and meet lots of interesting and enthusiastic people. Also the knit meet will be from 2-4 in the lounge area. The knit meet is free but there's a charge for tea and coffee, the workshop is £35. Can't wait

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