Sunday, 21 March 2010

Photos for Elna sewing machines.

Elna sewing machines sent me to the Knit and Stitch Show at Alexander palace last October. The response to my work and enthusiasm for textiles was overwhelming and gave me the kick up the jacksy I needed. Anyway, without waffling, they gave me the sewing machines for the Stitch and Bitch group and they're great machines very easy to use, straightforward and well built. Whilst most sewing machine manufacturers are very involved with the quilting and patchwork fraternity (they do have the most spare cash) Elna are trying to target the Customising, re-fashion and younger audience. That's why I'm involved. So Iv'e designed a basic skirt pattern, which should be simple enough for any beginner to make as it doesn't have a waistband or fiddley zips. I would really appreciate any feedback you would care to give, good or bad.

The fabric was from Bramble Patch in Weedon and that's my daughter she also models for with my son.


  1. great informative post lady!
    are you going to list the workshop timetables here on the blog too??

  2. Hi Kirsty,
    Yep, we just road tested our first lot of workshops. Workshops are also on follow Stitch and make Events link at the top of the page. we just road tested out first lot of workshops and are planning the next group. We're very excited with our 6 week textile sample calico workbook and Design and make a party dress, I've also got lots of lovely new frocks and jackets which i'll be posting up and also reviving the Etsy shop at long last. In the meantime I've got a bridesamid dress to finish by tomorrow! The more you do, the more you need to do.