Saturday, 29 May 2010

Our Fabulous Stitch and Bitch Group.

In May 2007 I applied for funding from NCF (Northampton Community Foundation)for sewing machines and basic equipment in order to teach people how to sew, knit, pattern cut, in fact anything associated with textile art. To share knowledge and experiences and to just generally socialise and enjoy ourselves.
The Stitch and Bitch is now 3 years old and still has a waiting list. We can teach you how to pattern cut from a basic block or how to use a commercial pattern. We can teach you how to knit, crochet and hand embroider. You won't find a more supportive group who will listen to your troubles, make you a cup of tea and share their experiences. It so much more than just "sewing".

I started this group because I got fed up with people acting as if making your own clothes was a complete mystery. Most people don't lack ideas it's application and support they need. I am constantly amazed by the supply of fresh ideas, novel use of fabrics and materials and wonderful gifts the group come up with.
I could not run the group without my talented, patient and wise assistant Amelia. She graduated in Fashion a few years back now and did the whole London thing, but she soon got wise!! She now runs her own label ALQ UKBrand. Nothing can replace the satisfaction of working for yourself.
If you would like help and advice on setting up your own group, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'd love to help you.

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