Saturday, 29 May 2010

Our Vintage Clutch Bag Workshop.

We had such a fun and rewarding day today in the studio. Although it was rainy outside Amelia and I kept everyone topped up with tea and biscuits whilst we showed the group how to make a gorgeous clutch from a vintage scarf.
Following a simple outline wadding is sandwiched between lining and the scarf.

We also showed the group how to make some lovely couture roses to embellish the front.

A very happy group showing off their handiwork. The next clutch bag session is July 17th.


  1. I love everything!!
    Auntie June from Rhinelander!

  2. Dear Abby, this is your Auntie June. The one in the USA. I am on a friend's computer so you can email me through her.
    I am in Madison and learned to dye silk scarfs and they turned out great! I am very talented,just like you!!!!!
    I am really impressed with your business and web site! Keep up the good work.