Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sew Hip Re-Fashion feature.

Do you like the strategically placed magazine rack ? crafty touch that.

My re-fashion feature in Sew Hip has been running for about 6 Issues now. I'm really happy with the way it's going and was originally worried that I'd run out of ideas but that hasn't happened at all, in fact I see potential ideas everywhere. As I'm now working a couple of months ahead I've just completed a project for late Autumn, which is a bit weird as It's so lovely and sunny outside and I'm cutting up jumpers!
This month the magazine are also running a feature on the studio which I absolutely can't wait to see. I've been super organised and got all my flyers ready and thanks to my wonderful friend Sam all the dates and info on the workshops are up on the website

Please take a look and see if there's anything that tickles your fancy.


  1. i am excited for you and hope to visit soon. It looks grrrreat x

  2. Yes! You print off the cool flyer for Abi's workshops on the events page.

    Will come for a day or two of sewing next week Abi, had to have the plumber in this week as me pipes need work ;)Will chuck the kids round me Mum's.
    ALSO need to show you my new SHOES, got those Helen Bateman wedges for HALF PRICE!!!!

  3. Abi, I have found you! I am so jealous of your studio, it looks fantastic, exactly like the sewing studio I have in my dreams. Good luck to you and I hope it is a great success, I am sure it will be a wonderful place to be in. Loving all the rainbow colours and the eclectic style, just like you. I hope you don't waste time chatting about "the sex habits of orangutangs", love Jayne Barron nee Mansfield xxxx

  4. All boyyo!! you still in Welsh Wales? Im working so hard to make this work and having an amazing time as well. Thanks for your kind words. Be

  5. Hi Abi,I have just read the feature on you in Sew Hip.So inspiring!.Well done on all your hard work. I too have been sewing for many years, I can't even remember a time that I did not sew. I have sewed in various occupations through my self employed life from dressmaking for the public to having a wedding dress shop to my current curtain and blind shop.Recently business has gotten quiet in my curtain shop which has allowed me to explore other options and I have had the time to do stuff that I have not had time for over the last few very fast and busy years. I have never been happier to be honest. Keep up the fabulous work, you are an inspiration to all us other dreamers. Andrea

  6. Thanks very much indeed,nothing can replace the sheer pleasure of working for yourself. The sleepless nights and lack of social life still make it worthwhile. I just got so fed up of people treating sewing as if it was a total mystery that I thought I'd better get out there and start doing something. Hope you like the Sew Hip projects, my favourite sew far is in Issue 22. Im currently working on Issue 23's which is Christmas themed!!!! How weird is that?