Monday, 28 March 2011

New pieces from vintage patterns. 1952

I own a large collection of old patterns now. The thing that gets me is that for something to be labelled as "vintage" it needs only to be 25 years old. That's 1986 and many of my old patterns are "Classics" (50 years) Theres no way that Id ever consider making up ANY garment from 1986. I hated most of the fashions from the '80s, especially all those Perry Ellis style striped vest tops and dirndl skirts with tiny belts, brogues and lacy ankle socks and gloves. Biliousness. When I first found this pattern I really loved the illistration on the front. I love a wraparound shirt. Very flattering for most shapes. It was an ideal opportunity for me to use some of my 1950's cottons. The tissue papaer pattern was printed with no markings on and just a series of holes. Once I had got my head round that I transfered the pattern onto dot and cross paper to make a more up-to-date version.

I had to really get used to the idea of using the fabric up. I like to see it folded into piles. BUT THAT'S JUST STUPID. As there's plenty of fabric out in the universe for everybody.

Im really pleased with the results. I particularly like the shape of the collar and there's a tie on the inside. These two blouses will be on sale in my new Etsy shop, opening shortly. In the meantime Im trying to decide what to make next.

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