Monday, 11 April 2011

A Good Day's Work.

Following our very busy Saturday bag making workshop, I got fired up and decided to make my own. The fabric is some old Ralph Lauren from 1994 (practicaly vintage these days!) The front pocket was a piece which was in a very old box of embroideries, lace, threads and letters which was given to me. the letters were dated around the 1900's and the work was done by one of two sisters who were Missionaries. The work was all done by hand on silk and in quite a sorry state. Some of you may think It's criminal to cut it up, but I do really appreciate the work that's gone into it and want it to be seen and used. To me, it's no good sitting in an old box.

The gorgeous trim is from Barnett and Lawson, who supply trims and haberdashery for all the London shows (and Gok) the place is an Aladdin's cave and is at 16 Little Portland St if you want to go. This particular trim I fell in love with. It was a bit pricey but worth it now as I think it just sets everything off.

For the Royal Wedding we're spending the day making fascinators in a workshop. we will also be stuffing our faces with cake and drinking copious amounts of tea. Anyone interested? just get in touch.

Just another delicious picture of the bag.


  1. Lovely bag, Abi. I absolutely agree; old textiles will wither and die anyway, so get them out there and used for something beautiful!

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