Sunday, 17 July 2011

Patchwork and crazy patchwork day- Sat August 27th

On Saturday I started to make an example of work for our forthcoming Patchwork day on Sat August 27th. All day, Im really looking forward to it, especially as it's machine patchwork so should grow quite quickly.

It was very difficult to whittle my colours down in order to get them to match. As good friends know, I do like to wear all my favourite colours at once, but if a new person comes to a class I think they like to see something a bit more organised and a bit less chaotic that they could be making.

This is going to be the front of a cushion. ive wanted to offer a patchwork class for a long time but have never felt accomplished enough but i think that it's all about bringing people together, sharing skills and having fun. So I just thought hell, why not????

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  1. I'm thinking about taking this class so I can make my Mum a patchwork quilt :)