Tuesday, 12 July 2011

That magical place Essaouira...again.

Well, It's been a while.....
Ive been away to Croatia sailing at the beginning of June, which sounds really swanky and a bit like the Duran Duran "Rio" video. The reality is far, far more cramped and gritty. We flew to Split where we picked up a yacht and sailed to Vis, Brac and lots of other wonderful places. If you get the opportunity to visit Croatia GO IMMEDIATELY, do not pack any clothes...
So, sailing is a great holiday because it's very physical interspersed with periods of inertia. You sleep like a stone at night, being rocked to sleep by the sea.

At the end of June I took my off spring to Essaouira for the Gnoawa music festival. We stayed in a riad with a whole bunch of mates. It's the 5th time Ive been to Essaouira and it's just such an amazing living, breathing, vibrant place. I didn't take too many pics as my daughter took over 500.

As usual it's all about the sea. The town is the 2nd largest port in Morrocco. Wooden fishing boats are still built by hand and its awe inspiring to see such craftsmanship.

This riad was just a few streets away from us. Everything is so ornamental and saturated with beauty that after a while you just start to take it for granted. Not a good thing to do.

Patisserie Dris, So this was our breakfast most mornings. All the pastries are made fresh each morning on site and you just choose and point. All this for just under two pounds!

My attempt at a panoramic view! I found a setting on my camera and thought I'd have a go. I think it's quite evocative of the place and you do get an idea of the broad sweep of things.

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  1. Great pictures! My friends went Croatia sailing and they loved it. I cant wait to see for myself.