Saturday, 22 October 2011

Renegade Craft Fair

Having finally caught up on sleep, and with a few outstanding jobs out of the way, It's time to report on the Renegade Craft fair.

My beautiful helper-Lady Hermione and i travelled down very early a few weekends back to do the Fair in Brick lane.I had a major sweat on because I had to leave 2 chairs behind and had worked myself up into a frenzy of furballed anxiety. As it was I really should've just enjoyed it more (maybe it's encroaching old age?)

We were allocated a massive space in a really good setting almost opposite the main doors. Miss Hubbard's pencil moustaches quickly found favour with the London masses and I sold an incredible 15 in one day!!! lady Hermione was quick to model the Noel Gallagher/Terry Thomas combo.

The other sellers were an incredibly talented bunch, such beautiful work. Here's the ceramic work of melodyrose- she takes vintage ceramics and applies transfers and then re-fires again. We met each morning under the harsh glare of the mirror in the ladies loo. She has been selling at Portabello market for a few years now, her work is truly beautiful,original and delightful and recieved a lot of attention. Deservedly so.

Each morning I did a quick scoot round while it was still quiet to take some pics.I just absolutely loved the way these girls from Art=Happy dressed their space making it look so welcoming and inspiring. Those Henry Holland-esque granny blanket dresses in the background were awesome!!! and a very good price too. Get over to their website and buy one .

It was also a good chance to catch up on London friends I hadn't seen in a while. Here, the Virgo ladies like to put the buttons in neat piles and have a tidy up!

On the Sunday we had some success with our workshops (lowering the prices helped!) It was just great to have people sitting around the table handsewing all day. It helped draw more people to the stall and made it look like we knew what we were doing.

A view from the hill. This was about a fifth of the size-there were 86 stalls in all. Sunday was busier , but then the whole of Brick lane was rammed. I did pop over to Spitafields market and was saddened by the amount of tat and dross. There are so many stalls all alike flogging cheap dresses and crap from China. I remember a time when Spitafields (and Camden) were all about originality and promoting small designer maker businesses. Now their just full of boring mass produced rubbish. Why does it take a small group of visiting Americans to show us how it should be done?

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  1. Excellent! It looks brilliant. I have to agree with you..I visited Camden in the summer and I was so disappointed.