Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Small worlds.

The blogs that I enjoy the most are ones with lots of pictures and just the right amount of writing . So to this end I have some pictures with attached words. Sometimes, when Ive got jobs out of the way I just wander aimlessly around the studio doing a bit of tidying and a bit of re-arranging.

I enjoy enormously these small worlds I've somehow created and fiddling around with them brings me enormous pleasure. And Ill make no apologies for it either. So above we have some casualties from a sock monkey dads and lads class, some beautiful silk from my friends mother, a kind donation but just too good to cut up just yet. Finally my lovely papier mache dolls which I started to make at a Julie Arkell workshop years ago now in Leicester. The creature at the back with the pink face is Peregine Malcolm! he is a charity shop creature.

In this small world is an owl doorstop from one of our workshops in summer. A carved owl pencil holder and a very expensive pair of shoes which I brought from a bridal show and have never worn because they're not my size! I worked at the bridal show, I would NEVER visit one of those god awful places otherwise.

Here's Professer Bunsen amongst the cottons. I love collecting these threads and Im very, very reluctant to sew with any of them. Once I caught a student winding a bobbin with one of them! They have such lovely names as well like Cob Nut and Periwinkle. Another smaller owl. Very popular birds.

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  1. Love, love, love your little worlds, I have many little worlds also in my sewing room, I shall have to show you mine one day. Jayne x