Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring has Sprung.

Oooooooh! A lovely bit of Irish Linen. What a relief to be able to sew again without feeling like your fingers were going to drop off. Im still wearing two cardi's and fingerless gloves and struggling to get to basecamp (the kettle)Nevertheless there's a feeling of Spring about. Snowdrops are out and so is the vintage fabric box. Although I did put the vintage collection away again pretty swiftly- I have to break myself in slowly!

My reserves at The Most Marvellous Place are running low and the clothes rail is looking thin. Thanks to all the people who have brought my garments so far, If feedback is anything to go by, you like them! Im busy working on new pieces at the moment and this pinny in beautiful irish linen is just the first. Its got this great embellished bird motif on it. I got this from an old tee shirt and hand stitched it on. The binding is raw silk and as usual it has the trade mark hand stitching and vintage buttons.

I'll be adding more pieces slowly as they get made. remember everything is a one-off. Im also selling lots of great Vintage patterns, buttons, ribbon and ric-rac which is selling in huge quantities (is someone eating it?) and also more basic stuff like hooks and eyes, loop turners and tiny little white rubber buttons whci you can sew on your suspender belts.

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