Sunday, 8 July 2012

Noho needs Knitters

Well we are galloping toward the finishing line with our knitting project. The folks of Noho have been incredibly supportive knitting all manner of eyeballs, bananas, jungle vines and pigeons. Saturday saw the last get together and a chance to stitch, knit and stuff.
We begin installing on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday. The weather has been truly atrocious, which wont be too bad a thing if you're trying to cover public art in balaclavas and legwarmers.
These banners are going about planted flower tubs on pedestrian islands. After wrestling for hours with machine knitting, and getting nowhere we decided to buy wool felt and felt the letters on instead. Im super chuffed with the results as machine knitting is such a ball ache. The reason for the strange choice of words is that this project compliments Shauna Richardson's Project Lionheart -in which 3 enormous lions are visiting Nupton market square for the week. Hence the Roar, Purr and Growl.


  1. Hello, I was wondering if you would be holding any more Beginners' Sewing Machine classes? I'm really interested in learning to sew, but can't find anywhere in Northampton!

    1. Hi there,
      Yes indeed! A new class is running on Sept 8th from 10-3.30 and costs just £35. Just let me know through the website. thanks Abi

  2. Hello, sorry when you say through the website, which website is this?
    Thanks again, hope to see you soon,