Monday, 17 September 2012

Ive returned from a very exhausting weekend at Spitafields where I took the Stitch and Make Studio on the road and appeared at The Renegade Craft Fair. This show is always so well attended and It's one of the few which Ill go and sell at. Long gone are the days when Id lovingly prepare and finish my stock only to pitch up next to someone selling "Blobs in a Basket"- boggly eyes hot glue gunned onto pom-poms. Ive learnt my lesson the hard way.
I met loads of super wonderful co-sellers and I really enjoy chewing the fat with them. Its so refreshing to talk to others who understand the impact of a shrinking buying market, where to find contacts and how to manage copy-ists.
Living in Nupton's rural idyll its quite a shock to walk down the streets filled with interesting folks and the smells of exotic food. The walk from the hotel on the Sunday morning was strangely eerie and very relaxing.
Thankfully, I had taken my new and most wonderful Church's brogues. I did notice that many of the Brick Lane Hipsters were wearing a similar but much cheaper version. And it gave me a feeling of pride and satisfaction to know that I lived in the home of the best made shoes in the world. Thats true heritage and craft skills for you London.


  1. i once exhibited next to a lady who was selling badly made and painted beatrix potter figures. She sold out and i sold nowt. i don't do craft shows any more....good luck with all your endeavors it all looks amazing... lots of love xxx

  2. Haha

    googly eyes ,bunting,hand made cards (cough cough ) and felt hearts .Nooooo comment .Glad you met some lovely people hun that understand the plea of a creator .Hope they managed to top up your tea levels . : ) TX

  3. 'blobs in a basket' ha ha ha - love it :D

    I'm now following your lovely blog as it's right up my street.