Sunday, 18 November 2012


Although the cost of Selvedge Magazine makes it a real considered purchase. I do enjoy the in-depth articles on a huge variety of textile related subject. Also, the paper smells wonderful! and there's nothing I love more than cracking the spine and flooding my olfactory senses! Although sometimes I do find it quite London-centric, which can be irritating. I was fortunate enough to get a pitch at their November Fair, in the new location at Chelsea Town Hall. And despite a baggy-eyed early start and a long drive in the rain, I did have a wonderful day.
Selvedge had organised a posse of adolescent porters to help with loading and unloading and if anyone has experienced setting up at a fair you will know what an absolute godsend this is, especially having to cross the busy Kings Road laden with boxes and rails. Not only that, but volunteers came around with tea in the morning- a genuis touch, and the same volunteers were on hand to man the stalls for a loo or lunch break.
On arrival some blaggard had nicked my place! but luckily I managed to set up beside the lovely Janine Pope and her friend Pamela. They're both regulars at my Stitch and Bitch classes. Janine uses her Danish heritage to influence her work, she incorporates beautiful tweed, wool and leather to make "perpetual notebooks" as she calls them. Journals where pages can be added, these pages are often printed with delightful images on a range of textured papers. She was best newcomer at Contemporary Applied Crafts and her work is delightful.
The good folks of Chelsea were queueing down the road to get in and it stayed busy throughout the day. I met loads of wonderful people who were interested in my work, tried on my clothing and brought from me. So thank you to you all!
Chelsea Town Hall was the perfect location to host a Selvedge Fair. The range and variety of talent on show was very inspiring. When I began making this my "proper job" years ago now I held the work of the Folk artist Julie Arkell in reverence as she typified everything I loved about craft and making. Last Saturday we were selling under the same roof and I felt my career had reached it's zenith. Im looking forward to March next year so I can do it all again.

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