Friday, 7 December 2012

Happy Xmas Stitch and Bitchers.

We had our Stitch and Bitch party a bit earlier this year as Im working away on a cruise next week, in the wardrobe department. There are many folks out there who would claim that Ive never been a great success in the wardrobe dept. But that's just because I wear all my favourite clothes at once.
Following on from last years Crap Quiz, the crazed fools begged for more. So this year they had to draw the human body, draw and label the organs and stick them on the body. Genius! Most peoples organs resembled old deflated party balloons. The nurse amongst us got very competitive and had to be sedated with Haribo.
Sadly the winning team didn't get their prize as someone had put it on the buffet table and it had been eaten! We had the usual Secrat Santa but this year the presents were in the Bootsale drinks globe ala Peckham's finest Del Boy and Rodney.
And of course pass the parcel was played. i like to crank the party mood up a notch or two by adding some extra prizes between the layers of newspaper. Like bags of macaroni, socks, a bar of soap and my own favourite a tube a gravy paste. I made sure it was vegetarian.

Next year we have knitting supremo and Yarn Yogi, Emma joining us. So many folk have asked me to teach them how to knit and crochet and I just dont have the extra time as well as help the class sew. Emma helped us tonnes on the Lionheart/geurilla knitting project earlier this year so is the ideal candidate to skill up the ladies.
Stitch and Bitch will be 5 years old this May. Not bad for a project which was only supposed to be running for 12 weeks. I still look forward to Thursday evenings, helping everyone out, catching up on projects and of course welcoming new stitchers into the fold. We're back on Valentine's day 2013.

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