Monday, 4 February 2013

On The Other Side Of The World.

At the beginning of January, whilst Britain was held in the grip of snow and ice. I went off to work and woke up on the other side of the world, in a tiny windowless room, behind a Bernina sewing machine.
It happened very slowly and toward the second week we began to lose an hour a day, for five days!
This made me very suprised!
Here are some photos from that time. I went to work on board The Queen Elizabeth helping to install the shows. I had a wonderful time but it was surreal in many ways. We got of in St Johns in Antigua and I took this photo of someones pants drying out on a rock. Very nice. I must start swilling out my bra and hanging it on the holly tree outside our house.
Here I photographed what looks like two tiny men washing an enormous anchor.
If you look very closely between the buildings you can see a giant visitor.

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  1. Hi Abi. Your cruise looked exciting. Did you enjoy it or was it too much hard work? Must come and see you again sometime. xx