Sunday, 12 May 2013

Activities in my absence.

Well, after a pronounced absence Im back. For the past three weeks Ive been helping prep the outfits for a Queen Mary 2 trip to NYC. Then finally we set sail from rainy Southampton on April 26th.

Readers of this blog will know that Ive already done a Transatlantic crossing in Jan. And I wasn't particularly looking forward to seven days at sea. Despite the fact that you're one a luxury cruise liner, It's still work every day. Here we all are in wardrobe, and It's in this windowless room that fittings for the 4 singers and 12 dancers take place. We also mend and repair the costumes, sew up the tears in sweaty shirts and torn seams in trousers. I think on this particular morning we were waiting for our passes so we could get off the ship in New York.

The ship had berthed in Brooklyn and I particularly wanted to visit the small boutiques and independent shops that I'd heard so much about, but on the other hand I also wanted to walk along the skyline, but I also wanted to mooch around Spring St and by Canal St. We really didn't have much time at all so I ended up dithering about in Dean and Dulicia which is an incredible Deli just staring at the biscuits and custard powder! like a total numpty. I did buy a nice lipstick and some bits and bobbins and was almost the last person back on the boat. It was just so bloody lovely to stand on solid ground.


At the front of the ship stand these beautiful sculptural forms, which glint in the sunshine in their polished perfection. They are in fact spare propellor blades and I have tried to particularly arty by placing the Statue of Liberty between them but she's just a bit too small.

  Ive also started some beginners classes at My Little Vintage in Earls Barton. Beginners classes are the most popular class that I run and Its just so satisfying to know that they walk in the door not being able to sew and leave full of enthusiasm and can't wait to get home and buy a sewing machine. The rooms so bright and sunny and is perfect for a small group.

The beginners class is pretty intense and we romp through things at quite a speed with lots of sampling and note taking. We're also planning an intermediate class on June 1st for those who can sew but get baffled by patterns and want to know how to insert a zip properly.

We start right at the beginning with the basics but also cover gathers, turning corners, hemming, binding, bows. All of which can be made into a small apron - if you're that way inclined.

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