Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm getting very excited about the impending shop opening. I'm very reluctantly been using up all the fabric I've been collecting, or hoarding throughout the years. I get worried that if I use it up there won't be any left in the world. I remember a time when charity shops had 1950's and '60's clothing in them and now that's all gone. So after talking myself down from the edge re the fabric situation, I've continued to make clothing. This barkcloth is just so wonderful. The print is Chinese huts and bamboo. I don't think this fabric has ever been used so is in peak condition. This Hawaiian Barkcloth was part of the long hem from a dress which I used for the bodice. The skirt piece was fabric I'd had for years but it's just so narrow so I had to piece the skirt panels together like a jigsaw. I took it home and washing the finish out of it. It's so lovely and soft now. So now I have the bug I'm justified in going to buying massive amounts of vintage fabrics in the name of making new stock. And here are my latest purchases. Which are going to be made into skirts, pinafore dresses and jackets. So I better thread the old machine up then!

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