Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Pootle Around The Bush.

A lot's happened in Kings Cross since I last visited. With the investment in the area, the renaissance of St Pancras station and the re-location of Central St martins it's a far cry from the lunchtime strippers pubs and tramps shitting in doorways of Northdown Street. New money and regeneration brings new shops and creates a new scene. This pop-up shop on the Caledonia Rd is a great example. Money is being raised to build a school in Kabul. The fixtures, fittings and all of the stock have been kindly donated. The stock is really very good quality with embroidered pieces from Afghanistan as well as good quality vintage clothing. As with all pop-ups it won't be there long.
On the same road is the fabulous Drink Shop and Do. We popped in for a pot of aromatic bakewell tea and a gawp at the wholesome loveliness of the place.
This is a great building with high ceilings and lots of natural light. They put on lots of workshops and themed nights as well as offering High Tea in the afternoons. I was particularly taken by the class "Lionel Rich Tea" where you were given a rich tea biscuit and had to draw Lionel's' face on it.
Goldhawk Road in Shepherds Bush is Mecca for fabric buyers everywhere. I was looking for a very specific shade for a bride. There are many shops and all have a vast (and that really is an understatement) range of fabrics to choose from. If you're a Liberty lover, who isn't? You'll find cotton lawns at £15 for 3 metres. Best to go with a list and a strong willed friend to keep you focused. Not far away on Shepherd Bush Road is the Traid shop. This is always worth a visit. The shop had had a re-furnishment and looks fantastic. Honestly, the clothes are slightly more costly than some charity shops but Traid are much more selective with their stock. The areas are laid out well and the staff are knowledgeable and lovely.
Traid campaign for workers rights oversees, better pay and to raise awareness generally.
If you're thinking of visiting London soon and want to discover a new area you'll have a great time in Shepherds Bush. Forget the crush on oxford St. Shepherds Bush is full of real people. Shepherds Bush market is great for sewing trims, tights and tasty, tasty falafels.

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