Sunday, 29 December 2013

Im a sorry old sporadic blogger and I don't take enough quality pictures of my fabric stash, coloured pencils in a jar, or dinners Ive made with red and green chillies. I just pitch a tale here and there to keep my hand in and impress any new people who may wander my way. I also have no clue how to insert a hyperlink or how to position my pictures so they form a cohesive pattern. They're all things i could learn though, aren't they....? So for now Im going to tell you about the latest trip which I went on. Back in the middle of September I got a job designing some outfits for a cruise ship show. The show is called The Midnight Hour and has no story as such but is a rollicking frolick through all those Motown and dance numbers they play at your cousins' 18th in the Monks Park Working Mens Club. It was fairly stressful at times but I had a great machinist who worked alongside me and we'd worked together before, we did a lot of work on getting the patterns and fit right for the female singers. The male singers were easier because I could buy their outfits off the peg. We were fortunate because our lovely male lead had also been a stylist at Tony and Guy so he was a marvel with the girls hair-what a godsend. Due to a timely twist of fate one of the two shows we were installing was A Midnight Hour, so I got to see the costumes I'd made on stage. At the risk of sounding like a proper Luvvy the people that i worked with work so hard, they're such a great bunch of folk and although it's a strange form of "another life" for me, I do love the comraderie and get thoroughly immersed in the job when I'm onboard. We went to Rome and sailed around to Gibralta, Cartegghana (probably spelt that wrong) and Lisbon- which was delightful, I got off to buy some fishnets for the singers and the shops were still old fashioned, very quaint and rammed full of stock. There were plenty of haberdashery shops such as this one I photographed (at the top) with the gorgeous hand painted roses above the window. I espied a nun buying some lace in a haberdashery shop and tried to take a covert photo, but It came out wrong. Those places sell the most incredible range of items and I brought some lovely embroidered ribbon because I really don't have any at all back in my studio .......?

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