Saturday, 2 November 2013

Sick of the shops.

I've been fortunate to have regular work for the past few weeks designing and making the costumes for a new show onboard a cruise ship. Subsequently,this means I've had extra money to treat myself to some new clothes. What a let down. I spent a couple of evenings online becoming befuddled and confused- i don't particularly enjoy being on the computer and find the experience of clothes shopping like standing under a waterfall with a paper cup hoping for a drink of water. It's a torrent. Northampton Town Centre is like many clone towns the length and breadth of Britain. Same old shops selling the same old shite. So I brought some fabric and thought I'd make a skirt for myself. I've been reading Dolly Clackkets wonderful blog and was very inspired by her pictures of the dresses she makes and the gorgeous fabrics she uses.

Strange, considering my profession that I don't make anything for myself to wear. And in the past it's been because I'd rather sell it and have the money. Then I spend the money on clothes from charity shops or vintage stuff. In the past few years quality pieces in charity shops are more difficult to find, and the term "Vintage" has been flogged to within an inch of it's life. So I had in mind a skirt which I wanted to make. I ordered the fabric from fabric moon online and it was £13p/m which is a bit more than I'm used to spending but each piece of fabric will make 2 skirts because the underneath is a plainer colour.

The skirt I had in my mind's eye met in the front with ties so that it resembled an apron, had decent sized pockets, have no waistband and be A-line. The pattern started off as an A line Prima pattern and admittedly i could've made my own but It was much simpler to trace round theirs and adapt for my purposes. I sort of made it up as i went along and would do some things differently next time. As I was stitching away i got that frisson off excitement when i realised I could indulge my love of pom-poms and ric-rac, I just love putting the colours together. The pink fabric which I used for the pockets has tiny red stars on it and is from a collection given to me by a friend who's elderly mother was a dressmaker. It has that gorgeous crisp feel of 1950's cotton and can only be used sparingly as it is very special.
Im so pleased with the results. Im glad I sat at the machine and made it with great care and even put hanging loops inside it. This is going to be my wardrobe staple for winter and I can't wait to make another version. Or maybe a pinafore version with crossover straps would look good too?

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