Thursday, 16 January 2014

Burns Street Studios- More Home Grown Talent.

I've been trying in earnest to get back into the studio because it is very cold in there. Today i worked in my coat and fingerless gloves all day. Which became quite difficult as I was painting cardboard tubes with thick glue and trying to wrap string around them. We finally got our sign up outside which looks stonking and I'll photograph that in the next week or so. The folk who work in the studio next door Dan and Lauren are super talented. Dan is an incredibly skilled painter and Lauren stitches creatures and her work is beautiful and wonderfully imagined. Their studio was looking particularly inviting so I snuck in and took some photo's. I hope you enjoy them.
I do enjoy looking at Images of other Artists workspaces. But these days they inevitably have Ikea shelving, tidied fabric piles and plenty of whimsy vintage stuff. And are trying (sometimes a bit too hard) to be whacky or contrived Arty. I don't want to see jam jars of meadow flowers and diolley bunting. Give me a felt mushroom with a menacing face any day of the week.

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