Sunday, 13 July 2014

Plans and Musings for new Workshops.

So the thing that I spend a lot of time and energy thinking about new things I could teach. My most popular class is a beginners class, which ticks over but then there's a wealth of other sewing related projects out there for folks to learn and experiment with. I'm not afraid to admit that my class take up has been erratic with some classes getting filled easily and others-which I thought would be really interesting, I have to cancel due to low numbers. It's a total mystery. This time around I've tried a double pronged attack with my usual flyers in the usual places like vintage places and sewing shops (see previous post) Plus an advert in a local magazine for 2 months and I've put Paypal buttons on my website- this has definitely helped me because It's so much easier to collect money although I haven't seen a significant rise in numbers. This time around, and for a change I'm planning to get a friend to teach one of the workshops. It's a This 'n' That Patchwork and Screen printed bag. Its a great size for a sewing/knitting bag and as the name suggests is made from delightful screenprinted (on a small scale) patches.
Next up is a Creatures workshop. I enjoy making characters when I've reached an impasse with my sewing. It's good to have a total Switch with the way you'd normally work and so when I've had a glut of clothes making I'll stop and create a creature. So we witness the birth of Raydene Flanagan and Peregrine Malcolm, don't ask me what they are because I don't rightly know. A day of Invention and creation which I'm sure will be great fun and full of suprises.
Finally, an appliqued design onto an A Line skirt. So basically It's an A- line skirt class plus your own appliqued design. The clothes I make are covered (some of them)in applique and It's so quick and versatile to do but looks so effective and skillful too, especially when combined with hand-stitches and a few beads. It'll be a chance to design and develop your own applique, which is going to look so original and interesting. As everyone who reads my blog knows-anything you make has got to beat shop brought clothing hands down.

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