Sunday, 13 July 2014

Support Your Local Sewing Shop.

Here in sunny Nupton we are fortunate enough to have a great sewing shop run by husband and wife Andy and Gill. The shop has been on the Wellingborough Road for a number of years and they're always cheery and happy to see customers. They mainly stock Janome machines but also sell overlockers and a selection of reconditioned machines too. I always tell my learners to visit for advice and to by their machines. people sometimes seem really chuffed to bag a bargain machine from Aldi or Tesco but in truth they're going to be crap and the man from Tesco isn't going to be able to advise you when the machine goes wrong, or you need new parts. Don't go there.

They've also very kindly let me make a dress for their window which I installed last month. It's a hand painted silk organza with a very delicate 1950's seersucker bodice. This pattern was based on a wedding dress I made last year, which had only one rose on it. Im my shop version the roses are various colours and have sequins surrounding them.
Every minute spent painting this dress was a pleasure and I wish I could get more commissions to do hand painted garments (any brave brides out there????) Although having said that, this week I'm painting a bra for Ariel the little mermaid!
Back to the shop.....they also sell parts for machines and have a good range of thread colours,zips and other shizzle. They'll help you with sewing related queries and conundrums. Plus, they've got a very cute dog called Teddy.

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