Friday, 22 April 2011

Working on new designs at Easter-preview.

Im thoroughly delighted at the moment because Ive managed to get my clothing into another boutique in London. I cant say too much because It's early days, nevertheless Its in a great area and a spiffing little place. To this end I have been cutting out and making like a crazed harriden. I think that the fabric this smock dress is made from (very old curtains) has got to be one of my all time favourites. The folk art pattern is divine and the colours have such harmony together. I rarely want to keep items for myself once they're finished but could seriously be tempted with this one.

The buttons on the back are actually green with a white ring around them and are from the '70s. Ive also used these gorgeous red plastic buttons shaped like a flower (also from the '70s)

On the hem there are two different types of ribbon, one which has multi coloured stripes and another stitched on top which looks Swiss and has embroidered red and green flowers. To me this smock dress is so complete and would look so dinky with red glitter ankle socks and yellow shoes, both of which I have. It was obviously made for me!!

I came across this bargain roll of 1950's cotton in The Most Marvellous Place to Shop. Which, by the way is actually a real shop name and is also factually accurate. I fully intend to blog about this later on sometime in the future, but for now....the glazed cotton was made into this lovely wraparound dress which has big colourful poppies machined onto the front. Ive finished them off with blue sequins and French knots absolutely and totally my favourite embroidery stitch (yes, sadly I do have them)

Unfortunately, I still haven't made friends with my camera and many of the dials on it are still a mystery. So you get to loose out on close-up's of the smashing trims on this dress which consist of a blue ri-rac which I got from Shepherds Bush Market for 75p and a cerise pink ribbon with a gold thread running through it. This was from Barnett and Lawson which is in Little Portland St and is a Mecca of haberdashery and wonderful-ness. Again, i need to blog about this at a later date.
I'll be photographing and finishing of more pieces in the next few weeks. So dont forget to re-visit.

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