Monday, 2 May 2011

How to celebrate the Royal Wedding in style.

When I heard that there was going to be a wedding of mass distraction, I decided to have my own wedding themed day. We had a right royal feast; toast strawberry jam and tea in the morning, Butt Savouries for lunch, which consist of Indian samosas and vegetable pakoras with Indian rice pudding and pistachio nuts. Home made Victoria sponge in the afternoon.
Sorry, I forgot to say that we had gathered to make fascinators! not just to stuff our chops.

In the morning Miss AP and I demonstrated some techniques to make silk roses and showed lots of different ways with feathers and trims.

First off, everyone gathers far too much of everything in a mad crazed panic of uncertainty. Slowly, as the day progresses the choices become more refined and selective. We covered boning in bias silk strips to add height and definition. We also dyed lace in tea to give it an aged look.

We toasted the Royal Couple with our charity shop mugs brimming with hot tea and bedecked in our feathered finery.

There were plenty of old vintage jewellery bits and bobs to cut up and use. Courtesy of my lovely mum.

I particulary enjoy this workshop for the sheer range of delightful items that are always produced. When I think of the amount of mass produced tat in shops it makes me glad I do the job I do. Thanks for all your support folks!

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  1. Had a GREAT day and loved the workshop. Thanks Abi & Emilia. xx