Saturday, 21 May 2011

Vintage Fair Stony Stratford.

I have just returned from the most wonderful day of selling at the Vintage and Home fair in Stony Stratford. I remembered I had my camera in my bag and whizzed around clicking away.

Really I should have photographed my stall and the layout, but instead took a picture of these yummy cucumber and cream cheese sarnies which the lovely ladies in the vintage tea room made me!!

There were 3 floors of really good quality designer/maker vintage-esque craftsters, alongside original vintage pieces. It was a comfort to sell amongst such good company. After my horrific "blobs-in-a-basket" incident in Earls Barton a few years back i'd made a decision to no longer attend sales.

Good friends had recommended this event and I was so pleased to be invited. The organisers had done a sterling job and the place looked wonderful, there was a great "vibe" about the place. The tea room was buzzing with a crowd of satisfied cake-engourged customers. There was also the most captivating vintage inspired ice-cream van parked outside selling Cornish clotted cream cones (not a tongue twister)I wish I'd taken a picture of it now.

I took along adozen or so good quality pieces of vintage as well as a range of recent pieces made from vintage fabrics. I was also pleased because I sold some of my newly acquired vintage trims, I really didnt want to keep them all to myself!! Im always modestly suprised when people respond so positively to my work. I obviously don't get out enough.

I did have some concerns as I hadn't done a sale in so long, so maybe didn't take enough things to sell, which is usually the opposite as most folks take too much . I also should have spent more time on the layout as I spent a lot of the time rammed in the corner trying to create a aura of "space" around me so that people could look at the rails.

I had a great day, made some money and met some wonderful new people, what more could you ask for?


  1. Elsie Sparrow!!! love her soo much

  2. Hi, I loved the vintage fair and your one off pieces too. Do you use patterns for inspiration? I liked the details you had like bows on the back and buttons.

  3. The fair was wonderful wasn't it? I got some great feedback about my work on the day, which made me so happy. i adapt patterns and I also have a large collection of vintage patterns as well which I use. I particularly enjoy collecting old trims and buttons, it's just the way things are put together sometimes which makes them look so eyecatching.
    See you at the next fair x.