Friday, 27 May 2011

Inject a bit of colour into your life.

My good friend Michelle O'Callaghan, who runs the most wonderful hat studio, here in Northampton has started to stock a few of my pieces. Her website is now up and running please take a peek if you're ever going to a fancy "do" she's the lady to visit. Anyhow, she'd sold a couple of silk dresses so my thoughts were full of cutting out.

I had brought these beautiful trims from Birmingham market last Friday. They're from a guy who has a stall outside he has about a bazillion to choose from and they are truly beautiful, the most amazing colours.

This Italian silk/satin is featured in an article this month in Making. They've made a kimono from it, it's a gorgeous print quite reminiscent of the 1940's. So..... I just gotten down to some work and was thinking how I take for granted all the colour that surrounds me and how I get to do what I love every single minute of my working day. So I took some pictures and lit a candle.

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