Saturday, 25 February 2012

What we do at Burns St Studios.

Ive always been a very impulsive, impatient, risk-taking person with a lot of patience. I know that's a contradiction in terms, like pensioners happy hour, but I should know myself enough by now. I once took this very long and taxing personality test to see what type of profession I was suitable for. Eventually It came back that I was impulsive, a high risk taker and independent. So I decided on a paper round. I was always destined really to work for myself and found myself alone (albiet with the occasional visitor) in Burns St for over a year.

But now...wonder of, creativity, sharing, activity and wonderful friends who are all independent and paperboys and girls. Yippee! Let the fun commence. So I thought Id photograph the spaces where they work here at Burns St Studios.

This is where Helen Senogles works. She makes the most beautiful arrangements for weddings and your loved ones. Helen also has a space at The Most Marvellous, where you can find her cheerily managing the customers, selling her beautiful range of homewares and flowers, drinking copious amounts of tea and just generally being happy and helpful.

This is just such a lovely space to work in warm, creative, fun and very interesting.

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